Form I

Composition at this age level is simply oral narration. Practiced diligently and consistently, it provides all the foundation necessary for composition at an older age. Narration will crossover into every subject that is studied.

Form II

Composition at this age level may move from oral narration to written narration, with caution. Students may be gently introduced to some basic aspects of formal grammar at this point as well. A text such as Primary Language Lessons (Serls) is a good guide for this gentle introduction.

(Emmaus Academy strongly recommends the use of the program Spell to Write and Read. If this is being implemented in the home, it provides the student with a full language arts program through Form II.)

Form III

Formal writing and grammar instruction will begin during Form III. However, oral and written narration will never lose its preeminent position in the curriculum. Students will be instructed in two years of a formalized grammar curriculum and two years of the Institute for Excellence in Writing's Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. These programs will be a part of the Integrated Studies class and the subject area of their writing will tie in with their history and literature studies.

Form IV

Formal writing and grammar instruction will continue in Form IV. Here, students will continue in a formalized grammar curriculum as well as work through Lost Tools of Writing, Volume I. Again, students will be continuing their oral and written narration, as well as copywork, and other areas of writing throughout the curriculum.

Forms V and VI

Students will continue to develop their formal writing skills, and will participate in a single year of grammar review in their high school years. The tentative progression of curriculum at the high school level is as such:

Form V:
Lost Tools of Writing, Volume 2 (Kern)
Our Mother Tongue (Grammar review)
The Rhetoric Companion (Wilson)
Writing Research Papers (Myers)

Form VI:
Grammar of Poetry (Whiting)
Roar on the Other Side (Clark)
Writer's Workshop (Roper)
Wordsmithy (Wilson)
Senior Thesis
Students will also continue written narration, copywork, and other writing across the curriculum.