"Let the child have the meat he requires in his history readings, and in the literature which naturally gathers around this history, and imagination will bestir itself without any help of ours; the child will live out in detail a thousand scenes of which he only gets the merest hint." Charlotte Mason

Forms I and II

Students will be introduced to the sweeping story of history. They will share excellent picture books and simple biographies in class and parents will be assisted in choosing excellent stories to read with their children as well. Students within this age level might benefit from the widely used Story of the World, Vol. 1 - 4 as a read aloud. Added to this will be the tales, fables, myths and legends that have been produced by cultures near and far. At this age, time(line) is still a difficult abstraction for them to understand and the emphasis will be on the narratives of the past. The disciplines of Recitation, Narration, Copywork and Read Aloud will be applied here.

Forms III and IV

Beginning in Form III, students will begin a more formal study of the past civilizations of the world, studying it chronologically. Students will continue to read "living books," but they will also add the disciplines of Timeline and Book of Centuries to Recitation, Narration, Composition and Read Aloud. This study will be integrated with great historical fiction as well as classic literature where appropriate. The study of Geography will be integrated into History.

Forms V and VI

Students will journey through the cycle a final time in High School. Students will read a Spine text and many Primary Sources and Living Books, developing within themselves a comprehensive understanding of the past and a lens for the future. Students will interact with the content of their readings through Recitation/Memorization, Written Narration, Formal Compositions and Socratic discussions.