Our Mission

Emmaus Academy exists to walk with families along the path of classical Christian education, passionately pursuing truth, goodness, and beauty on the journey from wonder to Wisdom.




A Lasting Tradition

Classical education is a rigorous, time-tested model of education based on the Trivium. Language-rich, systematic, and integrated – with a goal not only of intellectual virtue, but also the cultivation of the whole person.



Centered on Christ

Christian education recognizes & proclaims the supremacy of Christ, as communicated by the inspired Word of God. Ultimately, parents provide their student a wholly Christian education, but Emmaus Academy plays a significant role in this duty.



A Guiding Philosophy

Charlotte Mason’s philosophy shapes the curriculum at Emmaus Academy. Her emphasis on the cultivation of habits, the reading of living books, the value of nature study, and the atmosphere of the learning environment have all left their mark.



A Unique Partnership

Our schedule allows for the best of both worlds with educational opportunities at home (3 days) and on campus (2 days). Combining the preeminent position of the parent in the education of their children with the benefits of sharing day-to-day joys.

  • “I love the balance Emmaus brings to our home. The combination of in-school and at-home days are perfect for both the kids and the parents.”
    Amy Warren, EA Parent
  • Emmaus Academy profoundly impacted my life, transforming my habits, sharpening my reading and writing skills, and nurturing growth in all areas. It became the foundation for my college success, equipping me with discipline, critical thinking, and a love for learning. Moreover, the integration of faith and knowledge at Emmaus Academy fortified my spiritual journey, instilling resilience and empathy. I am forever grateful for the lasting impact it has had on my path, academically and spiritually.
    Maisie Green, alumna
  • "Emmaus Academy offers our family the perfect homeschool balance. I personally would struggle homeschooling my five children full time at home but with the help of Emmaus we can have the best of both worlds."
    Becky Norcross, EA Parent
  • "We are fairly new to Emmaus, but everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  I love that my son was excited about what he was learning this year. We many rich discussions about what was reading or learning in class.  My husband and I never thought our son would enjoy acting in the Canterbury Tales play at the end of the year, so what a surprise it was to see that he even developed an English accent and thoroughly embraced his role in the play!  It truly was a fantastic year for our family!"
    Brooke Seivert, EA Parent




    Emmaus Academy utilizes Math Mammoth as our math curriculum from Grade 1 Math through Pre-Algebra, moving to the curriculums of Jacobs and Foerster for the study of Algebra, Geometry, College Algebra and Trigonometry. Our students learn not only how to do math, but also how to think mathematically.


    Student from Form I - Form VI study the works of Shakespeare, studying 14-16 of his plays over the course of their 12 years at Emmaus Academy.


    Music appreciation is fostered through the study of individual composers and their major works each year. Three composers are studied a year; the same composers will be studied in each Form so that the parent can saturate the home with these selections as well.


    In the lower Forms, Emmaus Academy students wonder at God's creation through Nature Study, practicing the habits of attention and observation as they build notebooks focused on 18 botany, zoology, and earth and physical science topics over those 6 years.


    A student who spends 12 years learning in partnership with Emmaus Academy will have memorized over 36 poems, 18 hymns, and many extended passages of scripture.


    Students will participate in picture study throughout their time at Emmaus. This is an in class activity and will culminate in the study of 3 artists and up to 24 works of art per year. Students learn not only "to see a picture, but to look at it, taking in every detail." Charlotte Mason

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